Mobile - Bring out the Hazmat Suits Harold’s here!

23-Jul-2013 13:32:21

No need for the hazmats, you can stay off sick.It has been a little tough in the city of late. It seems some real turbo-germs have reared their ugly heads this season and left quite a few people feeling green and blue at the same time – picture that. Luckily the FlowCentric team are pretty resilient so we’re not at hazmat level just yet!

What the bout of bugs (a taboo word in the software world, but we’re feeling daring) has brought to the fore is how reliant we all are on mobile technology. When you’re away from the office and worrying about whether business is running smoothly your mobile is akin to a lifeline!

Mobile computing is revolutionising everything, and business process management (BPM) is no exception. With the introduction of smarter and more powerful mobile devices it’s now not only possible, but practical to manage your business through mobile means.

With a BPM system such as FlowCentric Processware, you are able to automate your business processes across diverse mediums, delivering rich content to users through Mobile, Microsoft Outlook and Desktop interfaces. FlowCentric Processware facilitates smooth integration with legacy applications and back-end processes, while delivering a user-friendly experience which reduces training and change management costs. FlowCentric Processware user interfaces provide enough context and richness to guide customers, employees or partners, through each process, to successful outcomes.

Now (job dependant of course), if we’re attacked by flu bugs, many of us can simply work from home and not infect our fellow workers…Also nifty if World War Z turns out to be more fact than fiction.

“But I’m sick, why would I want to work from home?” I hear you asking, in a slightly whiny tone!

Well, you don’t have to work from home, however some people will not rest or recuperate if they don’t have a degree of assurance that the business will not fall apart without them. With FlowCentric automated processes and mobile access to e-mails, you can choose to work at home from your internet-enabled mobile devices, or reroute your processes to the relevant people and dive into your duvet.

You could even submit your sick days via the FlowCentric-built leave system, and have the process kick-off all relevant actions and notification automatically, saving you time and effort.

It is clear that mobile is fast becoming the channel of choice and a requirement for competitive businesses. It is imperative that companies manage the mobile explosion in order to protect their data and ensure they remain competitive. With FlowCentric Processware you don’t simply procure software, you purchase outcomes, successful ones. Ensure your processes are effectively managed, data from your legacy systems is not left behind and that your company is able to swiftly respond to the changing business and technology markets.

“Today, we characterize 29% of the global workforce as anytime, anywhere information workers -- those who use three or more devices, work from multiple locations, and use many apps. This number has risen from 23% of the global workforce in 2011 and will continue to rise, as we will see 905 million tablets in use for work and home globally by 2017.” Ref Forrester: 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends

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