Matt Cheung, Director of Clarasys on FlowCentric Technologies' Partnership

Clarasys Partners with FlowCentric Technologies

18-Aug-2015 08:35:00

New partnership combines Clarasys expertise with the FlowCentric Technologies platform. London-based business consultants Clarasys have partnered with FlowCentric Technologies.

Clarasys is a fast-growing consultancy based in the City of London, with a wide range of expertise in industry, consulting and coaching. The company works with complex global organisations, especially those undergoing transformation, to analyse and implement processes and technologies that deliver their business objectives.

FlowCentric Technologies is a trusted global developer of Business Process Management (BPM) Software. Established in 2000, the company has gone from strength to strength and continues to develop its products to provide the best possible software solutions to customers across the UK and Europe, Africa, Asia, India and Australasia.

The partnership will be beneficial to both businesses as a way of sharing knowledge and expertise, while setting the scene for future collaboration and referral opportunities.

Matt Cheung, Director of Clarasys, said: “This new partnership will enable us to do more for our clients, by using our knowledge of FlowCentric’s outstanding product platform to improve their businesses in an iterative fashion and by using the software to automate their processes.

“With our skills and expertise in business transformation, process optimisation and continuous improvement, and FlowCentric’s technology, our clients will be able to get everything they need from our partnership."

“FlowCentric will be in a position to introduce us to customers who need support with their products - or need some help figuring out the overall vision - and we will return the favour when we see our customers looking for help automating their everyday tasks.”

Chris Wooton, Managing Director of FlowCentric Technologies UK, said: “Clarasys provides first-class consultancy around business analysis, process improvement and business change, which makes them a perfect partner for us.

“Our Collaboration Platform enables organisations to model their whole business, from target operating models, right through to business processes. Clarasys have a great track record in delivering rapid and sustainable solutions to complex business problems found across organisations today.

“Our partnership unites industry-leading consultancy with industry leading software to deliver a unique offering to the market at a time when process improvement and change are foremost on the agenda of successful organisations.”

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