Creating A Better Working World

Creating A Better Working World

09-Sep-2022 08:23:03
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FlowCentric Technologies is a South African software development company delivering automated business process management (BPM) software and turn-key solutions to an international market.

The company’s flagship product, FlowCentric Processware, is not only used across Africa, but as far afield as Texas, London, and Perth to help organisations optimise and automate their business processes.

“Our software touches the lives of tens of thousands of people every day,” says Denis Bensch CIO at FlowCentric Technologies. “The steel and concrete supporting a mall you shop at, or the burger and beer you have after work, our software has helped get many of these goods to you, he explains. Whether it be the extraction of the raw materials, franchisees that ordered the ingredients for the burger, or the production and delivery of the beer, FlowCentric Processware has had an impact on these products.”

“FlowCentric Processware makes people’s lives better as it standardises and automates the critical processes that people use to get work done,” he continues “making it simpler, faster and less stressful for people to perform their duties.”

Supporting Excellence

FlowCentric Technologies has delivered business software solutions internationally for more than two decades. The company’s clientele includes the likes of Anheuser-Busch InBev brewing company, MineRP enterprise integration solution provider, and the Australian-based global ship building company Austal, to name but a few.

Many of our clients have been with us for years. A common trend across our customers is that they begin with a couple of processes, and soon see the value of the product. This prompts them to develop an increasing number of processes on the FlowCentric Processware platform,” says Bensch. “In a fast-moving technology environment where longevity speaks volumes to us about the quality, flexibility, and value that FlowCentric Processware delivers to our clients.”

Bensch attributes these accomplishments to the fact that FlowCentric Processware is a powerful, solid product that helps businesses to solve their problems every day, along with a services culture dedicated to customer success.

The increasing popularity of remote work and a growing drive to connect fieldworkers to internal processes has further bolstered interest in the company’s offerings.

“It is difficult and frankly tedious to manage tasks through paper- or email-based processes, particularly when employees aren’t working from the office,” Bensch explains. “However, with our solutions employees can securely access their organisation’s data and follow the correct corporate procedures to complete many of their tasks.”

In the office, or out in the field, FlowCentric Technologies’ process management solutions are there, driving success, improving customer experiences, and supporting excellence across the globe.

Solutions built by FlowCentric Technologies keep critical processes moving, helping companies to run smoothly, increase stakeholder satisfaction, productivity, and ultimately profits.

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