Eldir: DSO Tackling Costly Operational Challenges In Private Security

Eldir: DSO Tackling Costly Operational Challenges In Private Security

03-Jul-2019 09:36:43
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If you haven’t heard of Eldir: Digitised Security Officer (DSO) yet, then you probably don’t work in the South African private security industry. The unique application is built on the battle-tested FlowCentric Processware platform and addresses many of the costly operational challenges faced by the industry.

Since the product’s launch in November 2018, Eldir: DSO has piqued the interest of top management in pioneering private security companies. Eldir company CEO Adriaan Heijns provided some insight into the origins of the product, the company and its unusual name.

The idea for Eldir: DSO formed at the FlowCentric Technologies offices a little under two years ago, while Heijns was attending a workshop on FlowCentric Processware. With very little background in software development, but a great deal of experience in the security industry, Heijns recognised an opportunity to leverage the powerful FlowCentric Processware platform to create a unique solution for the security industry.

“The security industry is primarily paper-based because there isn’t any software built specifically to address the business needs of this multibillion-rand industry,” explains Heijns.

He goes on to clarify that there are a variety of commercial software solutions available to address specific requirements, but these solutions each run independently of one another. This disconnect makes mining data for intelligence virtually impossible, generating reports a nightmare, and financial planning quite a challenge.

Eldir: DSO addresses this disconnect by delivering integrated management software designed specifically to optimise the operational processes within security companies.

Workforce, vehicles and equipment make up the bulk of a private security firm’s expenses; greater control over these aspects saves organisations an enormous amount of money. In addition to the financial savings, Eldir: DSO helps organisations to deliver better services faster, and seamlessly closes the communication gap between finance and operations.

“We developed Eldir: DSO to help executives to run their business more efficiently without investing more manpower, more hours and more effort”

“Our intention with Eldir: DSO is to deliver a solution that reduces the administrative load within the business, while providing executives with greater control over their growing business,” concludes Heijns.

The Eldir company was born from this idea and is currently made up of an agile team of experienced developers and technically minded support staff.

When asked to reveal the origins of the name ‘Eldir’, Heijns chuckles and explains that in the Norse poem, Lokasenna, Eldir (fire-stoker) was one of Aegir’s serving-men. He was so efficient that he sparked jealousy in the God of Mischief. While his fellow server, Fimafeng was murdered by Loki, Eldir stood up to him and survived.

“The idea of standing up the God of Mischief appealed to us because, to a large extent, that is what Eldir: DSO is designed to control – mischief and mayhem.”

About Eldir (Pty) Ltd

Eldir was formed as a result of a compelling collaboration between security and software experts. The company develops and supports solutions designed to manage the life cycle of all personnel and equipment. Eldir an authorised FlowCentric Technologies ISV Partner.


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