Expense Claims Management

Expense Claims Management

10-May-2019 09:12:28

Employees claim for a range of expenses including flights, travel, and accommodation, or physical expenses such as gantry fees and fuel. While claiming for these expenses is commonplace, a surprising number of companies still require employees to submit their expenses manually and on a monthly basis.

This approach generates an enormous amount of paperwork and manual processing, which may result in calculation errors. Not only are busy employees left stuffing their pockets, wallets and briefcases with wrinkled receipts, but finance often needs to process and calculate all these claims during the busiest time of the month. When salaries and month-end need to take priority, the last thing you want is something slowing the process down.

It's time for a change

In an age where so many business functions are automated, if your expense claim management process still relies heavily on manual processing – it's time for a change.

Expense Claims Management from FlowCentric Technologies streamlines the calculation, submission and reimbursement of both the physical and travel expenses.

Top Ten Benefits

  1. Speed up processing and approvals while reducing administrative costs.
  2. Employees can submit expenses as they travel.
  3. Lower the risk of human error and fraud throughout the expense procedure.
  4. Leverage the intelligence and data that the solution provides to improve the business.
  5. Track trends and negotiate discounts with regular suppliers
  6. Monitor employee expenses and easily identify patterns or irregularities.
  7. Control cash flow by enforcing policies and approval procedures before costs are incurred.
  8. Boost profitability by reducing operational expenses.
  9. Access a quick overview of expenses.
  10. Generate fast, reliable and accurate expense reports.


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