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FlowCentric Partner Leverages IoT and Processware to Streamline SHEQ Management

26-Apr-2017 09:00:00
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Business process management (BPM) software developers FlowCentric Technologies are proud to showcase their Innovation Partner of the Year, Ability Solutions.

Ability offer a range of vertical solutions in the ERP space, as well as a number of horizontal solutions, that address Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Demand Planning and Analytics.

The South African-based organisation focuses primarily on the Financial Services and Wholesale Distribution industries, but has solid experience across a broad spectrum of industries ranging from Bulk Distribution to Heavy Industrial Equipment Management.

“Ability’s goal has always been to create a seamless product offering, using the best technologies available,” says John Olsson, Sales and Marketing Director of Ability Solutions.

“We develop and maintain our own ERP solution, and therefore are committed to protecting the interests of our customers. We do this by ensuring that our solution caters for relevant market trends, both functionally and technically.”

Olsson goes on to explain “FlowCentric FlowCentric Processware initially allowed us to extend the scope of the Ability Suite, however we have since created independent applications such as a mobile SHEQ solution for the industrial environment and an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled asset and safety management solution.”

Ability won FlowCentric Technologies Innovation Partner of the Year for their SHEQ Lite iOT solution. The solution is designed to support the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, with specific reference to the mining and construction sector.

Compliance plays an essential role in corporate management. Poorly or inconsistently executed business processes put organisations at risk of violating regulations and can result in steep penalties or worse. Ability Solutions’ SHEQ Lite supports real-time digital data capture in the workplace, regardless of whether an internet connection is available at the time of capture. The risk of non-compliance is greatly reduced by using FlowCentric Processware to schedule tasks directly to the mobile devices associated with specific users. FlowCentric Processware allows users to monitor and reroute their tasks, while ensuring that any unattended jobs are escalated in a timely manner to ensure that each task is completed promptly. FlowCentric Processware keeps a full audit trail of all activities that occur from inception to completion, thereby ensuring that all parties are held accountable for their actions on the system.

The solution’s online/offline capability means that people in the field can capture all the required information, irrespective of whether an internet connection available at the time, and the data will be transmitted when a connection becomes available. This method ensures that business can continue uninterrupted regardless of the location being inspected.

“The mobile component of the solution can run on Android, Apple or Blackberry devices allowing users to select the right tool for the job. Some clients prefer to use their own mobile phone while others choose rugged IP65 rated devices for harsher environments.” Olsson clarified.

“The SHEQ Lite solution not only replaces old paper-based forms, but also includes additional auditability through date and time stamps, GPS location, and digital signatures.  Non-compliance reports can be supported by a range of photographs or freehand sketches, created on the device, to meticulously document each situation. All this information is captured, archived and can be audited at any time.”

“Ability Solutions have been partners of ours for a number of years, and the innovative solutions the team create using our BPM software continue to impress.” Denis Bensch, CIO, FlowCentric Technologies.

Out in the field and in the office, Ability’s Solutions SHEQ Lite offering provides a powerful digitally enabled SHEQ management solution for progressive businesses.


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