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30-Aug-2016 09:00:00
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As part of our Global Partner Reset Initiative, FlowCentric Technologies are proud to Showcase our ISV Partner, MineRP.

MineRP are an internationally recognised mining software and consulting company with a rich set of unique mining technical products and solutions. These solutions support effective strategic, business and operational planning, as well as increased production and operational efficiencies, all against the backdrop of a live mineral asset.

MineRP continuously strive to provide the mining industry with leading-edge solutions. It is this vision which motivated MineRP to partner with FlowCentric Technologies, a trusted global developer of Business Process Management and Optimisation Software.

Mining operations are fundamentally process driven, making a mine’s processes arguably one of their most important assets. MineRP identified the need to formalise a way to capture and digitise these inherent procedures, in order to effectively manage and optimise the outcomes of each process. After detailed investigation it was concluded that the capabilities, scalability, and cost of Processware from FlowCentric Technologies, perfectly suited MineRP’s requirements.

“With Processware all actions taken by a user are traceable and auditable. This is a particularly important feature for us, as mines have a legal responsibility to ensure their processes are transparent and that staff are held accountable for their individual actions.” explains Franco Megannon, MineRP Product Owner for workflow and orchestration.

In 2014 FlowCentric Technologies and MineRP entered into a partnership agreement. Since then MineRP have successfully entrenched Processware within their product stack, creating a powerful integrated solution called MineForms, which caters specifically to the mining industry.

Using the power of MineForms, MineRP has successfully implemented electronic business process management solutions for clients in the Platinum, Gold, Iron and Diamond mining industries. These solutions range from relatively simple processes such as managing the daily advance bookings for each Mine Captain, to the complex algorithm-based reporting of safety assessments done by Rock Engineers.

“MineForms has become a cornerstone product in the MineRP enterprise mineral resource planning framework.” says Megannon.

MineForms integrates seamlessly with the various other components of the MineRP Framework, from the web-browser based SpatialDash to the 3D MineRP Explorer CAD application. Using these integrated solutions, users are able to:

  • capture spatial information, and augment existing data, within a controlled auditable environment
  • action processes using spatial data
  • launch reports, audits and incidents, as well as
  • visualise and manage the results of these processes in a single platform

In the coming year MineRP intend to expand their platform to not only serve the mining industry on a local and enterprise level, but also on a Governmental level. MineRP are developing a platform that will support governments in managing their country’s mineral wealth to the best interest of their citizens. Utilising the MineForms component, governments will be able to provide an online portal through which citizens and stakeholders alike can become involved in the growth of the extractive industry. The portal will handle applications for mining permits, licences and rights, routing the applications to the correct departments and ensuring that the applicant receives feedback within the legislated period. The portal will also enable corporations to access the appropriate information, quickly and reliably, without having to run the gauntlet often associated with government departments.

“We are proud of our partnership with MineRP, and are excited to see the new and innovative ways that MineRP will use Processware to add value to the mining industry.” says Jacques Wessels, CEO of FlowCentric Technologies.


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