FlowCentric Technologies and OQLIS Announce New Technology Partnership

FlowCentric Technologies and OQLIS Announce New Technology Partnership

09-Feb-2018 12:08:19
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FlowCentric Technologies announced today it has entered into a technology partnership with OQLIS Software Corporation. The partnership is set to provide an additional business intelligence (BI) tool that works seamlessly with the FlowCentric Processware business process management (BPM) platform.

FlowCentric Technologies continuously strives to provide its customers and channel partners with a wide range of technology options that are complementary to the FlowCentric Processware BPM software, stated Denis Bensch, CIO FlowCentric Technologies.

"Rather than focusing on discrete technologies, we are leveraging off strategic technology partnerships that will allow our customers to advance their overall digital transformation maturity, and industry competitiveness," explained Bensch.

OQLIS delivers a powerful analytics platform that enables working professionals to discover career shaping insights within their data, and provides them with the answers they need to make confident business decisions.

OQLIS enables data collaboration across teams by defining a common information source and data language. The aggregated data is displayed to end-users through modern visualisations and dashboards that support improved transparency and accuracy. The intuitive nature of OQLIS promotes speedy user adoption, which significantly reduces the costs and time implications associated with upskilling new users.

"The latest version of FlowCentric Processware allows OQLIS to access standardised reporting data tables (Processware 2016 Reporting Tables), which provides fast, reliable access to all relevant information," affirms Andrew Bosma, Managing Director OQLIS Software Corporation.

During the initial proof of concept, the integration between the two products was very rapid, from data to dashboard took under two hours.

Both companies are headquartered in South Africa and offer rand-based pricing models that do not fluctuate with currency exchange rates. This synergy provides an appealing offering to businesses that want the power of a complete BPM platform backed by the data analytics needed to drive meaningful change.

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For more information on the partnership, please request a call from FlowCentric Technologies or contact OQLIS Software Corporation for a product demonstration.

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