FlowCentric Technologies Announces Global Partner Award Winners

FlowCentric Technologies Announces Global Partner Award Winners

26-May-2021 14:48:11
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Yesterday, Jacques Wessels, CEO of FlowCentric Technologies, congratulated the company’s 2020-2021 Partner Award winners by way of a Microsoft Teams meeting. The digital format of this year’s Customer and Partner event was very different from the sociable in-person events the company traditionally hosts.

“We went with digital this year, not only to reduce the risk of infections, but also to accommodate our growing international customer and partner community,” explained Denis Bensch, CIO of FlowCentric Technologies.

The company has seen substantial growth in the Australian market and a fast-growing interest from businesses in Africa and North America over the last two years.

“We’ve really seen the power of our partner and customer relationships over the past year and a half,” said Wessels “I don’t think many of us could have survived the pandemic economically or business-wise if we didn’t support each other as businesses.”

Wessels revealed the company has been fortunate not to have had much churn in its customer or partner base over the last 21 years, a fact which he attributes to the ethos of the company.

“We strive to forge relationships, not only as colleagues, but as friends who work together towards the mutual success of projects.”

This sentiment was shared by Phil Hemsley, CEO of AdvanceNet, who accepted the FlowCentric Technologies International Partner of the Year Award on behalf of the AdvanceNet Group.

Hemsley thanked Wessels for the award, stating it is an honour for his company to have been associated with FlowCentric Technologies for so many years.

“We have a special relationship with FlowCentric Technologies, one that we don’t necessarily have with many of the other vendors we’re involved with. We always feel that we are on the same side of the table when we are dealing with you, through the good times and not so good times,” confided Hemsley.

AdvanceNet is a multifaceted business solutions provider, offering solutions across multiple areas, including but not limited to infrastructure, financial management, business intelligence, customer management and mobility management.

As technology changes, companies may outgrow their ERP or transactional systems; AdvanceNet looks to provide value beyond that technology. It is this approach to meeting and delivering on business needs that earns AdvanceNet this year’s International Partner of the Year Award 2020.

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Innovation Partner of the Year 2020 went to South African-based company, Flowise. Flowise specialises in building custom process management solutions using the FlowCentric Processware platform. The company offers hosting solutions, including a SaaS model that caters for monthly and once-off payments on the FlowCentric Processware platform. It is this innovative approach to providing best-of-breed business process solutions that earned Flowise the innovation award.

Flowise CEO Ruan Roos accepted the award on behalf of the company, thanking Wessels, Bensch and their teams for the ongoing support.

“This really means a lot to us,” said Roos. “We regard FlowCentric Technologies as an innovative company, especially with the release of FlowCentric Processware 2019, and receiving this award confirms, to us, that we are on the right track and that we are aligned with FlowCentric.

“We hope to bring more innovative solutions to an already fantastic product,” concluded Roos.

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Best Newcomer of the Year Award 2020 went to Thyme Technologies. Thyme Technologies is a business solution provider with teams in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and New Zealand. With over 28 years of experience, the Thyme Technologies team are not newcomers to the industry – this was evident by how rapidly they implemented their first FlowCentric Processware powered client solution. It is this achievement that earns Thyme Technologies the best newcomer award.

Cobus du Plessis, New Business Development Manager at Thyme Technologies, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“Thank you of behalf of our team. This award is definitely the cherry on top for us, after a very challenging year and a half, said Du Plessis. “Since joining the FlowCentric Technologies Partner Program, it has just been a pleasure working with everyone, with their continued support and delivering such a quality solution.”

“With such a powerful product, we can go out to the market and provide workable solutions for our clients, knowing that we have the backup of the FlowCentric team at all times,” concluded Du Plessis.

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In addition to the partner awards, the FlowCentric Technologies customer and partner days traditionally showcase some of the latest solutions built on the FlowCentric Processware platform and this year was no different.

Guest speaker Franco Megannon from MineRP shared some insights on how to encourage company-wide adoption to digitalisation.

The Australian team showcased their skills at leveraging the FlowCentric Processware API to develop tablet-based interfaces. This allows customers to take the power of their processes into the field.

Also from Australia, Maptek showcased how existing software companies can leverage the FlowCentric Processware platform to further enhance their own offerings.

The Eldir: Overwatch solution, built on the FlowCentric Processware platform, showcased the platform’s ability to seamlessly leverage 4IR technologies like facial recognition. Overwatch delivers real-time insights into the performance of contracted personnel, ensuring that service level agreements are upheld.

Thank you to all of our customers and partners for you ongoing support. We look forward to a time when we can host you in person and celebrate successes gained and obstacles overcome.


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