FlowCentric Technologies Australia Shines at MACA

FlowCentric Technologies Australia Shines at MACA

23-Oct-2020 11:04:38
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FlowCentric Technologies Australia continues to work with MACA to digitalise, automate and streamline the organisation’s business processes.

MACA is a publicly listed, international contracting group providing services to the mining, infrastructure and construction industries. MACA’s 1 200+ personnel deliver tailored solutions within Australia and Latin America.

In September 2017, MACA reached out to FlowCentric Technologies to evaluate the company’s proprietary business process management (BPM) platform, FlowCentric Processware. MACA’s intention was to implement an agile process management product capable of scaling as the company grows locally and internationally.

Over the past three years, FlowCentric Technologies Australia has automated and integrated multiple processes, including:

  • Procurement: From purchase requisition to purchase order, the platform effortlessly streamlines the organisation’s procurement life cycle and complex approval process.
  • Supplier onboarding and self-service portal: Personnel can quickly onboard new suppliers while the platform ensures that each process is executed in line with legislative and business requirements. The self-service portal allows suppliers to access invoices, requests for proposals (RFPs) and statements. Suppliers can maintain their own corporate information on the portal, ensuring that they never miss an opportunity.
  • Subcontractor management: Employees can rapidly onboard subcontractors along with details around the subcontractor’s qualifications, certifications and availability. The platform simplifies the management of subcontractors' schedules, flights and work hours, while streamlining the management of subcontractor agreements.

In addition to the aforementioned process-based solutions, FlowCentric Technologies Australia built a custom offline-capable Android tablet application that is used by onsite supervisors to capture plant time, labour time and to automatically generate shift reports.

All of the automated processes are fully integrated into Pronto and MACA Data (a custom-built system) to reduce the risk of data duplication and to further streamline business operations.

“We are looking forward to many more projects at MACA where we will continue to add value and deliver a significant ROI” states Martie du Plessis, Business Development Manager at FlowCentric Technologies Australia.

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