FlowCentric Technologies Execution API Course

FlowCentric Technologies Launches New Execution API Course

22-Feb-2017 11:37:59
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2017-02-22 This morning Denis Bensch, CIO welcomed attendees to the new application programming interface (API) course offered by FlowCentric Technologies.

During the new course, programmers will learn how to use the FlowCentric Processware’s Execution API to integrate and extend their solution applications.

When asked to elaborate on the objective of the course Bensch stated, “A good API makes it easier to develop an application by providing all the building blocks. A programmer simply needs to put the blocks together.”

“With this knowledge developers will be able to programmatically interface with our application, allowing them to access the power of the FlowCentric Processware engine from virtually any graphical user interface (GUI). This is an important enabler for our partners, as it allows them to further diversify their solution applications.”

Bensch went on to say, “We look forward to seeing the solutions our Partners are going create using the knowledge they've obtained on this course.”



2017/02/22 FlowCentric Technologies Execution API Course

2017/02/22 FlowCentric Technologies Execution API Course

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