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FlowCentric Technologies Release Enterprise Edition for Oracle RDBMS

29-May-2017 16:39:09
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FlowCentric Technologies are releasing a new edition of the company's digital process automation software aimed at enterprise organisations. The aptly named Processware Enterprise is a new product designed to run optimally on both the Oracle database and the Microsoft SQL database.

During a recent interview Denis Bensch, CIO of FlowCentric Technologies shared the company's motivation behind the new offering.

"We made the decision to develop an enterprise edition of FlowCentric Processware based on an increased demand from partners and customers in both the Middle East and South African government," revealed Bensch.

"Although we have integrated to Oracle databases for a long time, this will be the first time that the Processware product will run specifically on the Oracle database."

The organisation's approach to the supporting multiple databases was to re-architect the software's database access layer using the Microsoft Entity Framework. This approach not only yielded impressive performance results from the Oracle database but also from Microsoft SQL.

Bensch went on to emphasise: "We would like to quell any concerns that existing customers may have, by assuring them that Processware Enterprise is not an upgrade to FlowCentric Processware 2016, but rather a new product which is aimed at enterprise size organisations that are utilising Oracle RDBMS."

Processware Enterprise also offers revamped Process Analytics dashboards. These dashboards provide insights into all processes executed on the Processware engine such as, when a process was first deployed, how many times the process has been utilised or how long it takes for a process to conclude. These insights are critical to organisations with an iterative digital business process improvement strategy.

FlowCentric Technologies has had a longstanding OEM agreement with the Qlik software company, providing QlikView and its data model with the FlowCentric Processware product. The organisation decided to redo the Process Analytics dashboards to run on the new QlikSense engine. These updated dashboards will be made available in support of the new Processware Enterprise edition.

"We are excited about releasing an edition of FlowCentric Processware that runs on the Oracle database, as this opens up a new market segment for us in terms of partners. We are in the process of working with Oracle to identify prospective channel partners and look forward to seeing positive growth in our global channel strategy" concludes Bensch.

Processware Enterprise is set to be released on 1 June 2017. Organisations that are interested in exploring the FlowCentric Technologies partnership models can find out more on our corporate website.


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