Mind the gap - between systems, people and processes

26-Mar-2013 13:32:26

Made simple with FlowCentric’s latest release of its Enterprise BPM solution

Consumerisation of information technology is pushing vendors to develop and implement solutions that are easier to use, more relevant to user-needs, facilitate a shorter adoption curve, while virtually eliminating the need for training.

A pace-setter for BPM solutions of the future, FlowCentric Technologies’ answers to the call for greater ease-of-use, relevance and functionality, with its new release of FlowCentric Processware 2013. This Enterprise BPM solution is strategically geared to help companies Mind the Gap between systems, people and processes.

“The challenge for BPM solutions developers is to create solutions that seem familiar, are relevant and simple to use for users. No mean feat when you consider the sheer number of systems people are exposed to everyday in their work.

“BPM by nature and design fills gaps between these various systems while mapping out business processes, which although widely varied from business to business, are also very specific to individuals’ functions.

“So, it’s a case of less is more; less processes, but more specific to user needs and more logically laid-out,” says Jacques Wessels, CEO of FlowCentric Technologies which develops agile BPM solutions for companies internationally.

He adds that with the prolific use of handheld devices in an increasingly mobile workforce, BPM applications, like other business-critical systems, have to be open to mobility and offer a similar level of functionality available on a desktop at the office.

“Mobility is the way of the future. People want and expect to be able to work whenever and from wherever they are. BPM has to answer to this need if it is to be relevant to increasingly sophisticated mobile users. BPM vendors must bow down to these market wants or bow out,” he says.

The company is soon to launch FlowCentric Processware 2013, which has been modelled on market demand, based on feedback from users and industry experts. A key enhancement is the Model View Controller, technology which allows FlowCentric Processware architects to easily create new views for web based applications, and the array of devices people use to see the business processes which apply to them.

This means that the new version can be rendered on a range of web enabled mobile devices in order to support companies’ mobile strategies and ambitions. With rapid adoption of BOD (bring your own device) people to not want to be constraint by a desk-top environment. The requirement to manage and authorise is ever increasing in demand.

“Employees are able to use their mobile device of choice to access the full functionality available to them at the office, dramatically supporting and enhancing productivity.”

He adds that the system has been developed for utmost flexibility so that it can be closely aligned to users’ process requirements and KPIs. Instead of the business and its users working the way the system works, it works the way they work, closing the gap between people, processes and technology infrastructures.

“The ability to customise the interface along similar lines as other systems which users are familiar with helps to ensure continuity and increase user adoption. Adoption and change management can be the Achilles heel of any successful deployment. We’re essentially removing that obstacle with our new version,” explains Wessels.

FlowCentric Processware 2013 is scheduled for official launch this year. The Beta version is currently being tested at client sites and user feedback is being considered. Keep an eye out for more news on this impressive offering from FlowCentric Technologies.

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