Public Opinion and Online Kangaroo Courts

11-Dec-2012 12:16:57

Modern culture affords a higher level of public transparency than ever before. Companies no longer have firm control over what information is made public. Modern technology and associated culture shifts have changed how business and government work. Information is more readily shared and consumed by the public. Now, what happens in Vegas can spread faster than wildfire across the internet. Much of the internet is still uncontrolled and while the next generation (we hope) will be more savvy on what information they consume, the now generation are still susceptible to online manipulation and rumormongering.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are reshaping the way people take collective actions. It has been argued that the ‘instantaneous nature’ of these networks is influencing the speed at which events are unfolding. Not far off the mark. Social networks are playing a crucial role in modern culture, influencing public sentiment on virtually everything, from the riots in London and Greece to swaying public opinion on the singing abilities of a 13 year old.

If you have yet to fully realise the power of social networking think about this…

These social platforms have not only sparked a worldwide fascination with sneezing baby pandas, but they have also succeeded in cajoling otherwise responsible people into pretending to ride an invisible horse on the dance floor. While the public are gung-ho for Gangnam style, organisations that lack for process consistency and transparency are feeling mighty nervous.

While already notorious, imagine if the Enron scandal were to have occurred in this decade.

Take a moment to picture it…

Now imagine you were embroiled in just such a debacle…

Makes your chest feel a little tight doesn’t it?

Transparency pays. BPM embraces and enforces transparency in every step of every process.

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