FlowCentric Processware 2019 Release

Releasing FlowCentric Processware 2019

02-Dec-2019 14:10:12
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FlowCentric Technologies released the new version of its popular flagship product, FlowCentric Processware on 2 December.

FlowCentric Processware is a powerful BPM-based platform for building process-driven business applications. With Processware, developers can rapidly build, integrate and evolve unique business applications for any company, without adding unnecessary complexity to the organisation’s IT architecture.

During 2018, a release candidate version of the product was made available to all FlowCentric Technologies partners for testing and evaluation purposes. Feedback was gathered during the year and incorporated into the final product, FlowCentric Processware 2019.

FlowCentric Processware 2019 is a testament to the organisation’s commitment to deliver a world-class software platform that is capable of building solutions that will last.

The software has an established client base in South Africa, where the average lifespan of a Processware customer is 10 years or more.

“Our software is used to run critical business processes in large companies all over the world. The magnitude of this is not lost on my team,” states Denis Bensch, CIO or FlowCentric Technologies.

As the software’s popularity spreads throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Australia, progressive companies are realising the value of the software lies in more than simply digitising and automating existing business processes. Organisations are leveraging the power of the Processware engine to extend the lifespan of entrenched ERP systems; to add constructive action to the data that is collected by IOT sensors; and to create digital processes capable of managing previously inaccessible areas of the business.

FlowCentric Processware 2019 adds a managed code engine that allows developers to select either C# or VB.NET, in addition to the classic VBScript engine, as their programming language of choice.

Developers can leverage .NET’s extensive class libraries, common APIs, and the powerful tooling environment provided by Visual Studio, to develop high quality FlowCentric Processware powered applications faster than ever before. With the aid of Visual Studio, debugging is easier, supporting rapid project deployments.

Developers can choose to add their script to process activities in the Process Suite (as in the past) or implement these activities via Visual Studio.

A simple plugin is provided by the developer to import their Processware template into Visual Studio; once the import is complete, the developer can code as usual.

In addition to the managed code engine, FlowCentric Processware 2019 supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and MySQL relational database backends.

If you are an existing FlowCentric Processware customer and are interested in FlowCentric Processware 2019, please contact us for more information.

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