Swap Your Paper Logbook for a Smart Visitor Management Solution

Swap Your Paper Logbook for a Smart Visitor Management Solution

23-May-2019 08:30:00

Gate Access Control from FlowCentric Technologies makes managing visitors and contractors easy. The user-friendly system helps streamline visitor access, and tracking, by efficiently processing requests and maintaining the operational effectiveness of security and reception personnel.


  • Provide visitors with an automated, streamlined, fast check-in procedure.
  • Ensure that there are no long queues at the security or reception check-in area.
  • Enhanced security as visitor details are captured into a database.
  • Know who is on your premises and rapidly extract a report for rollcall in case of an emergency.
  • Comply with Health and Safety requirements and give visitors the assurance that they won’t be overlooked during an emergency.
  • Dispense with paper-based logbooks and save on procurement costs.
  • Maintain an auditable history on all visitor check-ins.
  • Track assists that are brought enter and leave your premises to reduce the risk of theft.
  • The solution allows your visitors to sign themselves in while you focus on giving them a warm greeting.
  • Visitor access trends can be analysed, and improvements made to the reception or security check-in procedures.

The system requires minimal hardware and can be hosted locally or in the cloud. The Gate Access Control can integrate to current or future software, such and access card reader and fingerprint readers.


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