Symptoms of End-Of-Life Software

Symptoms That Indicate Your Software Is Reaching Its End-Of-Life

06-Jun-2017 12:09:59
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Do you have a great software application, but the platform you’ve developed it on is no longer stable? Technology advances are occurring at such an exhausting pace that your application may be reaching it’s end-of-life (EOL).

Risks Behind Running End-Of-Life Software

  • Security vulnerabilities: Does your application rely on third party products, that are no longer supported by the vendor? If so, you are exposing your customers to potential hacks, infiltration by malware and security breaches. The recent Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 attacks are a perfect example of the disastrous effects that security vulnerabilities can have on businesses.
  • Software incompatibility: Are you stuck with a specific software provider because your system can't operate without them? Are you using legacy applications because you can't upgrade to the latest and greatest, without fear of your application failing?
  • Compliance issues: Are you entrusting critical customer data to an unsecure application? Regulated industries like mining, insurance, and healthcare handle a lot of sensitive customer data. Security lapses and data leaks can result in huge fines, reputational damage, or possible jail time.
  • High operating costs: Are you finding that the cost of maintaining and fixing bugs in your application is increasing? Consider that the benefits gained by rewriting your existing product on an updated platform may far outweigh time and cost concerns.
  • Application failure: Will your customer suffer serious consequences if their mission-critical application fails? Poor performance, reliability and downtime are some aspects to consider. Are you seeing any of these symptoms?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you are probably looking for a new platform to replace your current one. FlowCentric Processware may be just what you’re been looking for.

You know your existing product inside and out. Using this knowledge, and the power of the Processware BPM Software, you can rewrite and deliver your modernised solutions in no time.

Naturally, there are a number of factors to consider before making a change like this, such as:

  • How to retire your old product with minimum disruption to customers and employees.
  • Managing customer and user adoption of the new solution.
  • Training employees on the new development tool.

We have been proficiently assisting our customers and partners tackle these challenges and many others over the years.


Are you ready to make the change?

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