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Parenting Your Business: Unravelling the 'Why' Behind It All

13-Feb-2017 08:51:48
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Successful business process optimisation is a lot like parenting, in that you frequently find yourself asking, “Why is this here?”

Every corporation, whether it provides toys for children, or travel insurance for the adventurous, relies on repetitive tasks to achieve its strategic objectives. To truly enhance your organisation’s output, you must be willing to discard unnecessary steps and outdated activities.

Before you start cutting out steps and changing the way your processes work, it would be wise to ask, “Why is this here?”

  • Why is this process here? How does it support the organisation’s strategic goals?
  • Why is this step in the process? Does it support the efficient accurate completion of the process?
  • Why is this data being captured? Is it necessary to complete the process? Is it valuable enough to store?
  • Why is this person included in the process? Are they required or just being flooded with unnecessary notifications?

When you start asking why certain steps exist within a process, the answer is often one that parents are familiar with – “It’s not mine!” In business process analysis that normally translates to “I didn’t create the process; I just follow it.”

In order to streamline your business operations; your department; your day, you need to start asking yourself:

  • How is what I am doing supporting the organisation’s objectives?
  • Can I do this task more efficiently by cutting out steps?
  • Will this task be more effective if I add steps, such as additional checks?
  • What tools and information do I need to complete this task quickly and accurately?

Unless you plan you to play process Jenga, it would be prudent to have an in-depth understanding of the processes that support your business, before simply cutting out steps or entire processes.


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