Pollinating Progress With Sustainable Digital Process Automation

27-May-2024 11:23:15

Much like the industrious bee works hard to generate honey, Digital Process Automation (DPA) works tirelessly to help companies efficiently lower costs and generate revenue.

The Matrix Guide to Rapid Process Discovery

21-May-2024 16:06:17

Rapid Process Discovery (RPD) is to Business Process Management (BPM) what the Oracle is to Neo in the popular movie franchise, The Matrix.

Happy Employees Speak The Same Language

12-Mar-2024 16:00:32

As businesses weave together talents from diverse linguistic backgrounds, the challenge of effective communication takes centre stage. As businesses strive for efficiency and...

FlowCentric Technologies and PSA to Showcase Mine Management Solutions at PDAC 2024

28-Feb-2024 16:31:55

Pretoria, South Africa – FlowCentric Technologies is pleased to announce their attendance at the upcoming Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Conference...

Process Goals: Strategizing for a Successful Year

22-Jan-2024 07:00:00

In business, achieving success requires more than just vision and innovation. Strategic planning and effective process management play a crucial role in ensuring that the...

How BPM Software Battles White-Collar Crime

06-Nov-2023 09:17:33

As organisations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one innovation has emerged as a catalyst for operational excellence and a guardian against white-collar...

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