FlowCentric Technologies Announces Global Partner Award Winners

Congratulations: FlowCentric Technologies Announces Global Partner Award Winners

26-Jul-2019 11:10:00
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Jacques Wessels, the CEO of FlowCentric Technologies, announced the winners of the 2018-2019 FlowCentric Technologies Partner of the Year Awards at the #FlowCentricConnected event.

The Best Newcomer of the Year Award went to FlowCentric Technologies ISV Partner, element14 for their outstanding performance in the previous year. The award was accepted by company Director, Braam Matthee.

Matthee thanked FlowCentric Technologies for the award, stating that the entire team were grateful for the recognition and encouraged by the achievement.

“The open and supportive relationship we have with FlowCentric Technologies has been very valuable to our business, allowing us to build solutions that add real value to our customers” Matthee stated.

“With FlowCentric Processware as our technology offering of choice, we can rapidly deliver solutions that efficiently cross functional silos and diverse systems, unlocking sustainable value.”

“We are very excited to continue to grow with FlowCentric Technologies and to see what new possibilities we can achieve together!” he concluded.

Innovation Partner of the Year was awarded to MineRP for their leading-edge use of the FlowCentric Processware platform within the MineRP Spatial Platform, and the collaborative Digital Twin Mine Management solution. Digital Twin Mine Management won MTN Business IoT Solution of the Year and Best Industry 4.0 Solution in 2018.

FlowCentric Technologies International Partner of the Year Award went to Premium Implementation Partners, AdvanceNet for their work across Africa.

Bridgette Ward accepted the accolade on behalf of AdvanceNet, stating that the company strives to build trust in the growing mid-market sector and deliver solutions that address the challenges their customers are facing.

“Our strategic partnership with FlowCentric Technologies enables us to do just that,” stated Ward, explaining that the ability to leverage technology to build and deploy ground-breaking solutions is a game changer for their customers.

“We are honoured to receive this award and look forward to continuing our work with FlowCentric Technologies for many years to come,” ended Ward.

FlowCentric Technologies CIO, Denis Bensch expressed excitement at the opportunities that accompany the organisation’s growing partner network and stated that he and his team look forward to working with more ISV Partners to develop creative, durable business solutions.

“We feel that building solutions with our Partners delivers greater benefits to customers” stated Bensch.

FlowCentric Processware is the ideal platform for innovators who are keen to develop process-based solutions, which is exactly what several of FlowCentric Technologies Partners have done. By utilising their industry and business knowledge, many of the company’s Partners have developed powerful solutions that solve industry-wide challenges or augment existing systems.

AcuFlow for Acumatica, DocuFlow from DocuVision, Eldir: DSO from Eldir, and MineForms from MineRP, are just a few examples of successful product integrations which have added value to end-users.

Wessels closed the event by stating that he believes business is all about partnerships and encouraged attendees to, not only share their own expertise, but to take advantage of the knowledge available within the FlowCentric Technologies community.


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