BPM is the Cheapest Way to Stamp Out Willy-Nilly Spending

19-Aug-2015 10:27:00

Without controls in place to ensure compliance with procurement policies, companies have poor visibility into who is spending what. It’s like giving-out blank cheques to...

Clarasys Partners with FlowCentric Technologies

18-Aug-2015 08:35:00

New partnership combines Clarasys expertise with the FlowCentric Technologies platform. London-based business consultants Clarasys have partnered with FlowCentric...

When Service Delivery Falls Short

12-Aug-2015 11:23:00

Dissatisfaction over poor delivery or lack of basic municipal services such as clean running water, electricity, garbage removal, road repairs…sound familiar? What happens...

All a Flutter on How to Declutter?

06-Aug-2015 11:33:00

So much has been written about “decluttering” in the last few years. Everything, from your home to your life, should be decluttered say all the books, blogs and boffins. With...

Does CIO stand for Career Is Over?

29-Jul-2015 08:20:00

There has been much debate over the future of the CIO role, with proponents on either side of the divide. Over the years, the team at FlowCentric have been fortunate enough...

The Yellow Car Phenomenon in Business Process Transformation

17-Jul-2015 10:16:00

Have you ever experienced that peculiar moment when you spot a yellow car, and suddenly, yellow cars seem to appear everywhere? It's not just a quirk of perception; it's...

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