Pamoja cloud platform links FlowCentric Technologies with Guideline BizTech

26-Jun-2013 13:21:00

Advanced process technology, Rubi-Flow, from FlowCentric Technologies, a leading local provider of agile, robust, and easily-integrated business process management solutions,...

FlowCentric Processware Helps Streamline Infrastructure Development in a Growing Abu Dhabi

26-Apr-2013 19:09:39

FlowCentric Technologies has successfully implemented an online system for the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DOT) to automate receiving, reviewing and responding to No...

BPM and BI Go Hand In Hand

11-Apr-2013 11:47:18

Often data is abundant and readily available, but not well used. This data is in numerous formats and its pure volume is formidable. Automating business processes streamlines...

Mind the gap - between systems, people and processes

26-Mar-2013 13:32:26

Made simple with FlowCentric’s latest release of its Enterprise BPM solution

Falling short on employee on and offboarding can be damaging to mining companies

14-Mar-2013 13:22:28

With the South African mining industry so tightly-regulated, particularly in terms of Health and Safety, controlling the onboarding and offboarding of employees and suppliers...

FlowCentric BPM powered Rokman set to change the way mines drive productivity and manage healthy and safety compliance

19-Feb-2013 13:20:15

FlowCentric Business Process Management (BPM) technology, innovatively packaged into a complete, ground-breaking solution for the mining industry by Ability Solutions (Pty)...

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