What We Can Learn from The Machines

10-Jun-2024 11:06:04

Even though I often clutch my pearls when the topic of AI is brought up, I can admit that it has benefits in this era of innovative technology. After all, there would be no...

FlySafair Soars Above the Rest with FlowCentric Processware

03-Jun-2024 14:42:26

FlySafair, pronounced "fly-saf-air," took flight in October 2014, quickly establishing itself as a key player in South Africa's aviation sector. Renowned for its reliability...

Pollinating Progress With Sustainable Digital Process Automation

27-May-2024 11:23:15

Much like the industrious bee works hard to generate honey, Digital Process Automation (DPA) works tirelessly to help companies efficiently lower costs and generate revenue.

The Matrix Guide to Rapid Process Discovery

21-May-2024 16:06:17

Rapid Process Discovery (RPD) is to Business Process Management (BPM) what the Oracle is to Neo in the popular movie franchise, The Matrix.

FlowCentric Celebrates Exceptional Partnerships at Awards Ceremony

13-May-2024 11:50:39

FlowCentric Technologies, a global provider of business process management software, is proud to announce the winners of the 2024 FlowCentric Partner Awards. The awards...

Happy Employees Speak The Same Language

12-Mar-2024 16:00:32

As businesses weave together talents from diverse linguistic backgrounds, the challenge of effective communication takes centre stage. As businesses strive for efficiency and...

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