Processware 2013 Goes Head-To-Head with Competitor and Wins by a Week

17-Jun-2014 10:34:00

In a recent shoot-out between FlowCentric Processware 2013 and another popular business process management (BPM) product FlowCentric Processware 2013 came out tops. FlowCentric Processware was shown to significantly reduce time-to-delivery, while offering a wider range of functionality, extendibility and flexibility. Download comparison chart.


FlowCentric Processware 2013

Developer Intensive Rapid Development
1 week / 2 resources 1 day / 1 resource
Time Saved 80%
Resources Saved 50%
Basic Process Management Complete Process Management
More for document & simple form workflow. Designed for process management across systems.
User Interfaces Wide Range of User Interfaces
SharePoint, Mobile Web, SharePoint, Smart Phones, iPads & Tablets

Solutions built with FlowCentric Processware 2013 address insufficiencies, promote business efficiency and process accuracy, while allowing for innovation, flexibility, and integration with modern technology enablers. FlowCentric Processware overcomes many of the limitations of traditional enterprise systems by integrating with existing applications, pulling relevant data, and connecting the appropriate people. FlowCentric Processware connects people with their systems and processes via a single user interface, which is so easy to use that all staff members can accurately follow the steps to ensure business runs smoothly.

Most businesses have the same goals regardless of their industry:

  • Remain competitive and stable.
  • Reduce costs and increase profitability.
  • Ensure compliance standards are met and business rules are adhered to.

FlowCentric Processware 2013 will help you to achieve and possibly exceed these goals.

Please contact us for more information or to set up a meeting.

Comprehensive Product Comparison

Product Functions and Features Competitor FlowCentric Processware
Process Designer Yes Yes
Hosted Execution Engine Yes Yes
Automatic Dashboard Yes Yes
Initiation via Timer Events Yes Yes
Initiation via File Watching Events No Yes
Initiation via Database Events No Yes
Trigger Different Workflows From Existing Workflow Without User Interaction No Yes
Simple Notification Mechanism Yes Yes
Reminders can be Set Yes Yes
Can Escalation be set After X Amount of Reminders Sent No Yes
Full Audit Trails Created Automatically No Yes
Separate Development Needed for Navigators’ Rendering / Displays Yes No
Can Object Groups Be Wrapped Yes No
Reports Utilising SSRS without Additional SharePoint Web Part No Yes
Advanced Workflow Routing Capabilities No Yes
Deploy Complex Business Rules or Calculations No Yes
Data Structures Easily Derived From UI No Yes
Easy to Make Updates and Changes to Workflow Processes No Yes
Can Attachments be Accessed in Another Activity No Yes
Out of the Box Support for SharePoint Yes Yes
Bound to Share Point Yes No
Out of the Box Support for Outlook No Yes
User can Start a Process from within Outlook No Yes
Out of the box Support for Mobile Devices Yes Yes
Out of the Box Support for Web Browsers No Yes
Seamless Integration into ERP Systems No Yes
Easily Integrated BI and Reporting with QlikView No Yes
Training Available Yes Yes
Rapid Development No Yes
Developer Intensive Yes No


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