Guides and Templates To Process Improvement

Guides and Templates To Process Improvement

16-May-2022 14:04:08
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Process improvement is all about simplifying, streamlining, and automating your existing processes to make them better. When they’re working optimally, your company can get things done faster, at a lower cost, and far more easily than before.

Process Improvement As A Catalyst For Growth

  • It saves time and money.
  • It simplifies and streamlines tasks.
  • It requires that you critically analyse your organisation.

When should your business seek process improvements?

  • When you’re getting a lot of feedback from your customers.
  • When you’re getting a lot of feedback from your team.
  • When your team spends a lot of time looking for data.
  • When you’re struggling to keep up with demand.
  • When you’re doing something repeatedly.

Start Improving Processes By:

Asking teammates for their opinions

Your goal is to understand how things are functioning, and you aren’t going to do that without the insights of your team members. Involve them in the process to understand the following:

  • What does the current process look like?
  • What’s working well?
  • What could be improved?
  • How can that issue be addressed?

This information will help you improve processes in a way that’s beneficial for your team.

Additional Guides

Organising processes that need improvement first

Processes are added to companies over the years, often to ‘keep up’. Without regular evaluations to ensure that the systems and processes are supporting the goals and performance of the business, and improving relationships with stakeholders, they become clumsy, inconsistent, and laborious to navigate.

Additional Guides

Evaluating your existing technology landscape

Outdated IT systems, with their limited flexibility, are damaging productivity, hobbling corporate growth potential, increasing IT risk, and potentially putting unnecessary.

Additional Guide

Use these improvement techniques and associated templates to design better processes!

Process Optimisation Guide


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