The Importance of an Executive Sponsor

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of an Executive Sponsor

10-Jan-2013 12:00:05
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Before embarking on any business process management (BPM) initiative, ensure that you have buy-in from senior management, and that all modifications fit into the larger strategic plan for the business. If senior management can’t envision how BPM will aid them in getting their work done and meeting their performance goals, they will see little point in supporting or funding the initiative.

For your BPM initiative to succeed you will need an Executive Sponsor to champion the project.

The ideal Executive Sponsor:

  • Has authority over the processes.
  • Is able to remove internal political obstacles.
  • Can secure funding and resources.
  • Is personally motivated by the business need behind the BPM project.
  • Will advertise the project’s success on completion.

In addition to an Executive Sponsor, Process Owners are also vital to the success of a BPM project. Process Owners are responsible for the management of the current processes, and will ultimately be responsible for managing the improved processes.

The ideal Process Owner:

  • Has first-hand experience, as they execute the current processes.
  • Understands industry best practices, and can communicate those insights.
  • Feels the pain of the current poorly functioning process, and will benefit from the improvements.
  • Will challenge policy and practices.
  • Has the aptitude for process thinking and improvement.
  • Is accountable for the processes.
  • Champions continuous process improvement.

Identify these key members first and your business process management and transformation initiatives are bound to run more smoothly.


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