Processware 2013 Product Launch

26-Sep-2013 18:41:40

FlowCentric Processware 2013 was launched yesterday (25 September 2013), this feature-rich BPM platform, sports even more business functionality than before.

Developed for utmost flexibility, FlowCentric Processware 2013 integrates with the array of typical systems utilised in business. The system is easily customised to align with user’s specific process requirements and KPIs – effectively closing the gap between people, processes and technology infrastructures.

To support companies’ mobile ambitions, and the prolific and speedy adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Processware 2013 is fully-enabled for mobile, bringing all the functionality, all the information, and all the control available on desktops to mobile devices. The solution is supported on all major smart phones including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It is HTML 5-based, with information relevant to specific users presented in easy to navigate views.

“This enables users to action tasks and processes that apply to them from their smartphones; a huge boost for productivity and business continuity,” says the company’s CEO, Jacques Wessels.

The flexibility and ease-of-customisation of FlowCentric Processware 2013 demonstrates FlowCentric Technologies Pty Ltd’s focus on delivering value across the channel community. While aligning the solution closer to the user, the FlowCentric team has also ensured that it is can be easily modelled and rapidly deployed, allowing partners to quickly extend value to their customers.

“During the development of the new version, we were conscious of the wants and desires of our partners and customers. The result is that Processware 2013 is modelled on market demand, based on feedback from industry experts, and the very people who use our system.

“To us, this is key to ensuring that FlowCentric Processware continues to deliver value as an enabling business tool that not only empowers companies with greater control over people and processes, but also extends the life and functionality of other key systems used within organizations, enabling them to derive higher returns on their investment in technology.”


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