HotLabs and Processware 2016 Prelaunch

HotLabs and Processware 2016 Prelaunch

17-Oct-2015 09:04:00

FlowCentric Technologies hosted their first HotLab sessions on the 6th and 7th of October 2015. Members of our technical community were offered the chance to try out Processware 2016 before its official launch later in November.

Denis Bensch, Director of Product Development at FlowCentric Technologies announced that the development team would be hosting more HotLab sessions in 2016. The objective of these days will be to provide the Processware community with a deeper understanding of Processware 2016’s advanced features.

“We launched the FlowCentric Forum earlier this year to provide developers with an online support forum and a place to share ideas. While the world is becoming increasingly digitally, we still like to share a beer and a pizza with the techies on occasion,” explains Bensch with a grin.

“The HotLab sessions are great way of getting our developer community together. Attendees not only get hands-on experience with the product, but they also have time to chat directly to the product development team in order to share their ideas and knowledge.”

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