If you’re on thin ice, you might as well dance!

If you’re on thin ice, you might as well dance

11-Jan-2013 12:19:04
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An attitude adopted by many employees when procedural steps become laborious or too elaborate. It is human nature to seek out the simplest (read laziest) method to achieve any desired result. While these initiatives can be admirable, not all staff members are knowledgeable enough to make C-Level decisions regarding procedural changes.

With multiple legislative requirements influencing the management style of corporations worldwide, it is no longer about simply being competitive but also compliant. In order to remain compliant, management must have control over how the company’s processes are executed. Shortcuts can be very costly.

Has Management Lost Control?

“Of course not!” would be the standard reply from these highly competitive individuals. After all, one doesn’t become a C-Level decision maker without a degree of tenacity and leadership acumen, which makes admitting any loss of control rather terrifying. Micromanagement is not an option in large organisations, as the sheer logistics would drive anyone into an early grave. Continually threatening people's jobs, should they not adhere to policies, does nothing for morale and can damage your company’s reputation.

How Do You Take Back Control Without Losing Your Mind?

Separation. Not a holiday, or a new team, nor opting for oblivion. Simply separate your employees from the complexities of business rules, compliance considerations and even the hassles of using multiple systems with a Business Process Management (BPM) layer. Automate and better manage your business processes by building the rules into your process execution. A BPM product such as FlowCentric Processware provides a single user interface that ensures all team members will accurately follow the desired process steps. Personnel would no longer need to access different systems in order to complete their tasks as the software can integrate to multiple systems.

Benefits of a Single User Interface?

  • Business rules are consistently enforced across the organisation, across platforms.
  • Reduced risk of human error or intervention.
  • Minimal user training and swifter user acceptance.

Automation Benefits From Managements Perspective

  • Process progress can be monitored and bottlenecks identified.
  • Holdups are automatically escalated, internally, before becoming a customer-facing problem.
  • Twenty-four hour access to processes via mobile and computer.
  • Compliance is assured and a full audit trail is maintained.

Automate your business processes; insulate staff from multiple systems; ensure compliance and easy auditability; save a tree or three by reducing paper usage; but most importantly take back control of your business!


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