Increase Process Agility With Minimal Change Management

09-Dec-2012 18:56:25

And enjoy these benefits:

  • better staff buy-in for process changes
  • cut training expenses requirements
  • maximise ROI by leveraging off established IT infrastructure
  • minimise change management requirements
  • reduce risk for human error
  • save staff time and the company money


Business critical processes are made available remotely, at any time, via Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office SharePoint, a range of Web Browsers, Mobile Devices and PDAs. The FlowCentric solution connects disparate systems via a single user interface, which is so easy to use that all staff members, IT and non-IT, can accurately follow the steps to ensure business runs smoothly.

There is a definite beginning and end to each process, with each step in the process being executed according to the rules defined by business. This eliminates many elements of risk, aids in maximising managerial control, provides process consistency, and ensures that process progress is visible and fully auditable at all times.

The user-friendly interface options minimise change management requirements, assisting in swift user adoption. End-users do not have to look for links and URLs, launch other applications, or go outside the known environments. This not only minimises the risk of user error, but also insulates users from other unnecessary complexities.

FlowCentric Processware cultivates on-going collaboration between IT and Business Users to jointly build applications that effectively integrate people, processes and information. This collaboration often encourages greater understanding of each other’s requirements, knowledge sharing and aids in providing the organisation at large with the best IT enabled and business based systems.

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