Business Process Management Platform

Acronym or Future Embezzlement Eponym?

11-Oct-2012 12:15:09

Is it naive to envision that a universal problem which has been shrouded by years of indiscretion and apathy could be solved with a three letter acronym?

ePetitions: Public Participation at its Best

25-Sep-2012 18:49:07

The ePetition system has been designed to be transparent, accessible, user-friendly and public centric. ePetition tracks, analyses and reports on the progress of each...

Don’t go breaking my heart…bank…system…

11-Sep-2012 12:08:17

All very likely outcomes when changing your ERP!

Business overlooks dedicated BPM

03-Aug-2012 11:51:14

Many South African organisations are not managing any business processes through a dedicated business process management (BPM) solution.

This was one of the key...

So Much In Store For BPM

16-Jul-2012 11:47:47

A far cry from early days when business process management was considered a solution for workflow, BPM is now valued as an engine for embedding companies’ rules systems...

Classifying Partners as Precious Metals is Great in Theory

04-Jul-2012 11:58:59

The typical three tier approach to classifying partners as one of three precious metals is a great theoretical start to categorising partners’ according to performance....

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