Why Business Process Automation (BPA)?

06-Jan-2013 12:00:21

Better processes produce lower costs; reliable products; motivated employees; and happier customers. This starts with examining how work is accomplished, documenting current methods (ensuring tacit knowledge is taken into account) and then refining those processes. While valuable, and vitally important, simply documenting procedures and relying on manual process implementation doesn’t provide business managers with much control over their processes.

By making the current-state handoffs, timing and responsibilities explicit, productivity improvements of more than 12% are normally realised.

Ref - Business Process Management's Success Hinges on Business-Led Initiatives, 26.07.2005, by Michael James Melenovsky

With multiple legislative requirements influencing the management style of corporations worldwide, it is no longer about simply being competitive, but also about being compliant. In order to remain compliant, management must have control over how their company's processes are executed.

FlowCentric’s process management technologies link business systems with process logic, as opposed to user behaviour, by building business rules into the system. There is a definite beginning and end to each process, with every step in the process being executed according to the rules defined by business. Information is pushed electronically to people while the predefined business processes pull them along.

This not only minimises the risk of user error, but also insulates users from unnecessary complexities. The entire process is transparent and fully auditable, holding each participant accountable for their contribution. This method ensures that executive policy and procedures are consistently adhered to, thereby achieving governance and ensuring quality outputs through consistent behaviour. 

Automation Benefits From Management's Perspective:

  • Process progress can be monitored, bottlenecks identified.
  • Holdups are automatically escalated, internally, before becoming a customer facing problem.
  • Twenty-four hour access to processes and tasks via mobile and computer.
  • Compliance is assured and a full audit trail is available.

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