If you’re on thin ice, you might as well dance

11-Jan-2013 12:19:04

An attitude adopted by many employees when procedural steps become laborious or too elaborate. It is human nature to seek out the simplest (read laziest) method to achieve...

Public Opinion and Online Kangaroo Courts

11-Dec-2012 12:16:57

Modern culture affords a higher level of public transparency than ever before. Companies no longer have firm control over what information is made public. Modern technology...

Business overlooks dedicated BPM

03-Aug-2012 11:51:14

Many South African organisations are not managing any business processes through a dedicated business process management (BPM) solution.

This was one of the key...

So Much In Store For BPM

16-Jul-2012 11:47:47

A far cry from early days when business process management was considered a solution for workflow, BPM is now valued as an engine for embedding companies’ rules systems and...

Classifying Partners as Precious Metals is Great in Theory

04-Jul-2012 11:58:59

The typical three tier approach to classifying partners as one of three precious metals is a great theoretical start to categorising partners’ according to performance....

Healthy Channel Vendors Are Not Healthy by Chance

25-May-2012 10:30:59

While it seems as though South Africa has remained relatively untouched by the economic gloom prevailing the rest of the world, it is not by default. With staunch fiscal...

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