Rise of the Machines: From Cave to Singularity

14-Sep-2017 14:52:47

If you spend any time on the internet, it’s hard to avoid media headlines warning that artificial intelligence is coming for your job. What these stories seldom cover is just...

Businesses Overlook The Benefits Of Effective Digital Supplier Management At Their Own Peril

07-Aug-2017 08:07:00

Einstein had it wrong. Not his theory of relativity. Apparently that is holding up quite well, but he is also the guy credited with saying that the definition of insanity is...

Take Your Forms from Painful to Productive

15-Jan-2015 10:33:00

Did you know on average an organisation has over 500 forms? I have researched this, and believe me in large companies this figure is much higher. These vary from...

FlowCentric Processware Helps Streamline Infrastructure Development in a Growing Abu Dhabi

26-Apr-2013 19:09:39

FlowCentric Technologies has successfully implemented an online system for the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DOT) to automate receiving, reviewing and responding to No...

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