Business Process Management Platform

Too Many Forms, Too Much Red Tape

15-Jan-2015 10:07:00

Increasingly, big companies are struggling with daily operations. With too many forms to complete and a tangle of red tape slowing processes down - things are not getting...

What IT questions should a CFO be asking?

25-Dec-2014 11:15:00

Modern chief financial officers (CFOs) face many challenges in managing the bottom line. Not only do they have to deal with emerging technologies and transforming regulatory...

Designing Software For Goldilocks

24-Jul-2014 11:36:00

“It’s just not pretty.” That statement can be the undoing of your entire BPM project. If users are not comfortable with the interface provided by the enabling software,...

BPM and BI Go Hand In Hand

11-Apr-2013 11:47:18

Often data is abundant and readily available, but not well used. This data is in numerous formats and its pure volume is formidable. Automating business processes streamlines...

“I just want it to work”

14-Jan-2013 12:23:25

And your systems should!

When it comes to software systems, a quote from George Bernard Shaw comes to mind.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The...

If you’re on thin ice, you might as well dance

11-Jan-2013 12:19:04

An attitude adopted by many employees when procedural steps become laborious or too elaborate. It is human nature to seek out the simplest (read laziest) method to achieve...

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