When Service Delivery Falls Short

12-Aug-2015 11:23:00

Dissatisfaction over poor delivery or lack of basic municipal services such as clean running water, electricity, garbage removal, road repairs…sound familiar? What happens...

All a Flutter on How to Declutter?

06-Aug-2015 11:33:00

So much has been written about “decluttering” in the last few years. Everything, from your home to your life, should be decluttered say all the books, blogs and boffins....

Does CIO stand for Career Is Over?

29-Jul-2015 08:20:00

There has been much debate over the future of the CIO role, with proponents on either side of the divide. Over the years, the team at FlowCentric have been fortunate...

The Yellow Car Phenomenon in Business Process Transformation

17-Jul-2015 10:16:00

Management consultant Lee J. Colan calls it "the yellow car phenomenon" - you buy, or simply notice, a yellow car and suddenly you find yourself seeing yellow cars all...

Why should an electronic self-service strategy be important to a CFO?

15-Jul-2015 10:18:00

Companies can saves millions annually just by getting customers to move to the internet.

Just because nobody complains doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect

15-Jun-2015 11:20:00

Unlike the weather, a successful business must pay attention to public opinion if they want to succeed. Complaints and compliments are equally useful to management as they...

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